International Preschool of Gdańsk

and International School of Gdansk are recognized as the IB WORLD SCHOOL 060020

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Preschool education is an important first stage of the education of every child. International Preschool of Gdansk, with its international environment that is varied and tailored to the individual needs and abilities of every child, provides them the best and the most versatile development.


Classes in our Preschool are conducted in English, while ensuring, implementation of the Polish core curriculum for preschool education. English language accompanies children in preschool the whole day - while teaching, playing during the walks and meals. Growing up in a bilingual environment has a huge impact on the future language skills of a child. It facilitates the learning of languages and further develops the skill of abstract thinking. Bilingual children possess a greater ability to focus better at math and reading, which we support using the Jolly Phonics method.

Due to our experience during working with modern, creative methods we have already started using the Primary Years Programme. The main goal of this programme is to support children’s development through attitudes included in the IB profile. Characteristics of person: principled, inquirer, communicator ,thinker, open- minded, caring, knowledgeable, risk- taker, well-balanced, reflective.

ulotka05In our preschool, besides different methods which have an influence on kids harmonious development, we give support in exploring the world. In our work, there are very important elements like: educational trips that we organize very often, regular events and parties which are helpful in the educational process. These elements complement projects which are fulfilled in the appropriate time.

During our work we can guarantee parents’ individual approach to their child. What is more, to be most effective in the individual work - selected classes are led in the small groups - children can take part in it according to their interests, individual abilities and needs. One of those forms of teaching is Learning Stations - method which is based on individual child’s work with selected material or working tool.

In order to make sure that the development of our children runs as harmoniously as possible, during the whole teaching and educational process we are supported by the “Osiek” Guidance & Counseling Centre. This cooperation gives us the opportunity to quickly and effectively respond to the difficulties, but it is also an opportunity to support children in developing their individual skills and talents. Thanks to the presence of specialists in speech therapy and education we give our children the opportunity to equalize educational opportunities. The presence of a psychologist and his constant contact with the tutor makes the adaptation process in kindergarten run smoothly and without unnecessary anxiety of parents.


When working with children we always remember about the imperative task-fun play which is natural activity and supports children in acquiring knowledge about the World. Our preschool premises include two playgrounds and beautiful grass terrain, as well as the big sports field and small botanic garden.

ulotka03We provide a rich offer of physical activities (including physiotherapy), which takes place both outdoor and inside the preschool (we have Gym and dance hall). Our rich offer of sport activities is completed with the activities developing creativity and innovation. During the school day we also find some place for drama, sensory arts and crafts, classes in our library and also elements of Spanish classes, which we perform with a usage of new technology. All classes are properly balanced and included in a day schedule, in a way that provides preschoolers not only good conditions and chance for individual development but also a chance for teamwork and free fun - so important in every child’s development.


ipgforestclassAt the International Preschool of Gdansk, we believe that we can provide full support for children's development by bringing them up close to nature. Our new localisation gives us a unique opportunity to use the natural resources of the forest in Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy thus we are going to implement forest education into our schedule. Assuming that the bad weather doesn't exist we are going to leave our classrooms to explore the neighborhood, learn about the vegetation, track the animals, and become the masters of outdoor games. 





The Gdansk Educational Foundation currently also runs:

International School of Gdansk (elementary school and high school),
Gdansk Autonomous Schools (elementary school and high school),
Sopot Autonomous School (elementary school and high school),
Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic „Osiek”.