jphonics 01At IPG we teach reading and writing using a fun and effective approach, based on the Jolly Phonics program. 

In English, even though there are only 26 letters, there are actually 42 different sounds. Phonics is based on teaching the sounds that letters make, rather than the names of letters that are taught in the alphabet. Jolly Phonics teaches all of this in a fun and engaging way, through characters, stories, actions, songs, and games. 


Jolly Phonics teaches these 42 sounds in 7 different groups.

jphonics 02 

There are 8 steps in which the sound is introduced to the kids:

Step 1 - Story containing the sound

Step 2 - Action

Step 3 - Flashcard

Step 4 - Letter Formation

Step 5 - Blending

Step 6 - Sounding

Step 7 - Dictation

Step 8 - Song

The 5 Skills Taught Through Jolly Phonics:

Sounds - children are taught the sounds (42 sounds) that the different letters name.

jphonics 03

Formation - children are taught how to form (write) letters using a pencil.

jphonics 04

Blending - children are taught how to blend individual sounds together in order to read full words.

jphonics 05

Segmenting - children are taught how to hear the individual sounds in full words
so that they can break them down to write and spell them correctly. 

jphonics 06

Tricky words - some words do not follow the sound rules.
Children are taught these words separately, alongside strategies to remember them. 
For example ‘be’, ‘me’, ‘the’. 

jphonics 07