190718pedagog newsThe end of the school year is a time of summaries, a lot of psychological workshops have been held recently, it is worth mentioning a few of them.
In all the IPG kindergarten groups there were workshops during which we watched the movie "Gadki z psem". This movie touched the difficult content of saying "No" and summoning adults in situations that children are worried about.
In classes 1-5 of the ISG, there were psychological workshops on self-esteem and the impact of words on our well-being.
In class 1 there were psychological and pedagogical workshop about emotions - naming five basic emotions, recognizing and expressing them in different situations.

June 2019, Anna Zdolska-Wawrzkiewicz – psychologist i Michalina Biedrzycka - educational therapist

190718logopeda newsIt is well known that "prevention is better than cure". It's the same in speech therapy, that's why recently in IPG a second group of logopedic prevention classes took place. Children, in addition to language and lip exercises, played at specially designated positions, where speech therapy games and activities awaited them. Together with the speech therapist, they took care of the development of speech. It's great fun! 



Kamila Posobkiewicz- speech therapist

190227psychologistDecember and January at IPG were marked by checking the school skills of our Grade 0 students. Before parents and children, an important decision. It settled with whom we meet in grade 0 next school year and with which child in the first grade. It seems that everyone is satisfied with the decisions made.





Anna Zdolska-Wawrzkiewicz

Click below to see interesting movie about the toughest job in the World. Happy Mothers Day!


Małgorzata Kostecka - speech therapist (26.05.2018)

Humans brain is an organ that consists of two hemispheres: left - linguistic and right - non-linguistic. And although it’s a very generalized statement,  it should be added that these hemispheres cooperate closely and do not work in isolation, today we are most interested in the fact that the left hemisphere is responsible for receiving and creating language, i.e. speech. In a word - it is dominant for the speech function.


Małgorzata Kostecka – speech therapist (30.03.2018)