sportschildrensdayipg 01On the 1st of June, our preschoolers took part in an event called „Sprint to the marathon”, that is the VIII National Preschooler's Run, organized by the „Bliżej Przedszkola” magazine. The aim of this action is to popularize running among children and promote a healthy lifestyle and active spending of time. Each group has previously chosen one of the colors of the Olympic flag: Juniors - green, Seniors - yellow, Pre-0 - blue, 0A - black, and 0B - red. On this day, after eating a healthy breakfast, each child received a starting number. The run, like any professional competition, began with a warm-up, during which the children practiced to the rhythm of the Tofa Tafa song. Then, each group, together with the homeroom teachers, covered the designated distance, and children who still had the strength could take part in the sprint races. The marathon was attended by 60 participants. All the brave marathon runners reached the finish line, for which they received gold medals and diplomas.

Our preschoolers ran a total of 35 000 meters.


Huge applause to all participants for their great attitude and results! Our preschoolers have such power!!!




Sebastian Kapeliński (11.06.2022)